Covid 2021 update:
Please try a keep several feet away from the sprinkler tech.  (we are in contact with several customers a day)
We may wear masks and face coverings.
We will not enter your home to turn off the water or operate the control panel if it's in your house.

We will operate the control panel in the garage if you can open the garage door near the panel.
Keep kids inside (the air hose can pose a hazard)
Keep pets inside (the noise from the compressor and sprinkler heads being blown out can be a hazard)
Payment if possible have it attached to the control panel.
Cash is acceptable, make checks out to 'Shakopee Sprinklers'

It's time to schedule your in-ground lawn sprinkler system Blow Out Winterizing.  
The sooner the better, it gets cold fast! check out the record cold days in October

Prior Lake, MN Winterizing    55372

Click to Schedule Prior Lake Winterizing

 Sunday  8 am to 8 pm

Shakopee, MN Winterizing    55379

Click to Schedule Shakopee Winterizing

 Monday  8 am to 8 pm

Savage, MN Winterizing        55378

Click here to Schedule Savage Winterizing

 Tuesday  8 am to 8 pm

Shakopee, MN Winterizing    55379

Click to Schedule Shakopee Winterizing

 Wednesday  8 am to 8 pm

Eden Prairie 55347 (South of 212 and 494)

Click to Schedule Eden Prairie Winterizing

 Thursday  8 am to 8 pm

Shakopee, MN Winterizing   55379

Click to Schedule Shakopee Winterizing


 8 am to 8 pm

Shakopee, MN Winterizing  55379

Click to Schedule Shakopee Winterizing


 8 am to 8 pm


  • Family Owned and Operated in Shakopee
  • Fast & easy scheduling 24/7 online 
  • Properly licensed to work on lawn irrigation systems
  • Over 20 combined years of experience
  • Professional equipment
  • We own our compressors
  • Cash - Check at time of Service, credit cards at time of booking


Sprinkler Winterizing (Blow Out) Scheduling:

How we operate we schedule several people into a 3-hour block and route a map out and winterize their homes.
Typical time blocks are 8 am to Noon, Noon to 4 pm to Finished.


Weather can cause delays, heavy rain and lightning can cause a delay.
Ice and snow will also cause a delay.
Winterizing systems each home is unique and some may go quite quickly and others can take more time.


We try to text 30 minutes before heading to your home (please enter your cell number when setting up the appointment)
We try to email the night before or the morning of the sprinkler winterizing.

Time Constraints

If you have time constraints, choose the VIP option and we will be there at that time you put in the notes section $50 extra charge.
The other option is to leave access to the control panel in the garage.  Provide garage door code, leave service door open, etc.   

Controller Located Inside the Home:

For those with controllers inside the home, you'll need to be available to operate the system.
We can do a phone call or text you to advance to the next zone.


Cash and check at the time of service.  (please place on the control panel or front door)
Credit Card only online at the time of scheduling.

Steps to have completed a few days before the sprinkler blowout winterizing:


  • Shut off the water inside home for Sprinkler System (usually in the basement)
  • Remove drain plug or open faucet attached to the sprinkler system backflow preventer.
  • Leave sprinkler control panel running (do not turn off or unplug the unit)
  • Place cash payment on the control panel.
  • Clear a path to control panel, we will not climb over stuff or create a path.
  • Clear a path to the backflow preventer (remove overgrown bushes)

November dates are available, but the weather has been very cold in Nov.  Remember the Halloween Blizzard?

We charge extra to unthaw and salvage frozen systems.

(groups of 10 or more in any city please call or text me (612)270-2957)

Shakopee sprinklers is not winterizing lake systems.

For large properties please call for availability and pricing.

Shakopee Sprinklers is a full-service sprinkler company.

Some of the sprinkler repairs that we do in the Spring and Summer

  • Broken Heads
  • Wire  damage
  • Cut main lines
  • Valve repair
  • Diagnostics
  • Rain Sensors
  • Valve Box Covers
  • Correcting Head Angles
  • Much More
  • Control Panel Replacement

For the cities listed below book online at

  • Apple Valley Winterizing
  • Rosemount Winterizing
  • Eagan Winterizing
  • Lakeville Winterizing
  • Farmington Winterizing
  • Burnsville Winterizing


Damaged, non-functional systems and nonstandard (homemade) systems that require extra time to winterize will be charged higher rates starting at $125


You can check and see if you are in the south of the river service area covering Shakopee, Savage, and Prior Lake, you can click on the square to view a larger map and search by address.