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Odd/Even Watering seasonal restrictions based on your house number.
May 1 to Sept 30 and No watering 12PM to 5PM

Are you looking to start up your sprinkler system for the season? Shakopee Sprinklers can help you do it professionally and efficiently. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your system runs smoothly and that your lawn and garden receive the right amount of irrigation.

Here's why you need us to do it:

  1. Leak Detection: We have found many leaks in systems that waste a lot of expensive water. Our thorough inspection can help you save water and money.

  2. Backflow Preventer Protection: Starting your system properly is crucial to prevent damage to the backflow preventer, a device that keeps your drinking water safe.

  3. Prevent Wastage: We adjust the sprinkler heads and get them spraying onto the grass to prevent watering the driveway, street, patio, and home. With our help, you can reduce the amount of irrigation water being wasted down the street.

  4. Head Replacement: We can change out heads that can't be adjusted anymore with your permission. This saves you a trip fee and ensures that your system is working optimally.

  5. Timer Programming: Our team can get the sprinkler timer (clock) programmed and running properly. Let us know if you have any special preferences, and we will take care of them for you.

We service homeowners in Eden Prairie, MN (South of 212), Shakopee, MN, Prior Lake, MN, and Savage, MN. Trust Shakopee Sprinklers to start up your sprinkler system professionally and with the utmost care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

At Shakopee Sprinklers, we offer a wide range of sprinkler repair services to keep your system running smoothly. Some of the repairs we provide include:

  • Fixing broken heads
  • Repairing wire damage
  • Patching cut main lines
  • Replacing and repairing valves
  • Diagnosing system issues
  • Installing rain sensors
  • Replacing valve box covers
  • Correcting head angles
  • Control panel replacement
  • Clearing tree roots

And much more! With our team of experts, we can ensure that your sprinkler system is functioning at its best. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.