Thank you for the great 2020 year, we have been happy and excited to work on your sprinkler systems.  Remember don't start up your system till after Cinco de Mayo. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021.  That's typically the safe time for turning on the sprinkler system.
Have a great Winter.
Emergency Sprinkler Winterizing is Available.  Even if you have broken pipes or backflow we can still blow out the underground portions and save you from huge spring repair bills.  People always want to know about cost, figure about $250.  Call me if you want it done and the reason for the cost.  This service is typically available until Dec, or if you have someone turn on your sprinklers by accident and you need them blown out ASAP we can do that, too.  Has to be within a few hours of the turn-on so the water does not freeze in the underground pipes.   Figure cost to be about $500 for this service, again call me to discuss pricing and instructions.  
My personal cell phone Six One Two 270-2957