Sprinkler Start-Up, Have it professionally done.

Starting in Early May and thru the Summer

What we do and why you need us to do it.

Leaks, Shakopee Sprinkles has found many leaks in systems that waste a lot of expensive water.

Properly starting the system prevents damage to the backflow preventer.

Stop Head from watering the driveway, street, patio, and home.  We will adjust heads and get them onto the grass.

Heads that can't be adjusted anymore can be changed out, with your permission. Saving you a trip fee.

Programming those sprinkler control timers.

We service homeowners in these cities:

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Shakopee sprinklers is not taking on any more lake systems, commercial business, or rural homes.  

Shakopee Sprinklers is a full-service sprinkler company.

Some of the sprinkler repairs that we do:

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